Monday, October 29, 2007

Environment of the Week #48

Another blast from the past! Well this piece marked a turning point for me and it's when I finally decided to get back into painting and drawing. I've been churning up art pieces nonstop since then.

Long story short, I almost ended up going into the 3D industry after I graduated, but at the same time I was torn at the fact that it would mean giving up my dream of digital painting. So I took a stab at getting back into swing of things and doing my own art and I've been enjoying every minute of it since then. I've learned a lot since this little piece. It's hard to believe this was done less than a year ago!

The topic that week was "The Library of the Lost Sea Scrolls". This isn't exactly a library so I didn't exactly play by the rules. Ha! ;P


Jinny Liang said...

I remember this was one of the pieces you painted last year that really impressed me. I really like the perspective and the rainbow effect you cast in the water.

I'm glad you went back into drawing and painting =)!!

Ken said...

really nice work u got.

The tree image below is fantastic, stunning image. Love it

Bobby Chiu said...

I'm glad you went back to what you love. I did the same thing... went into 3d and didn't like it so dropped it for drawing and painting

yanimator said...

Thanks Jinny, Ken and Bobby =)

Yeah, I'm more of a painter deep down and it's something i can never really let go. Even if I had gone 3d, I probably would've been in the texturing/lighting department

EdoAvenir said...

kevin man this is awesome! You gotta show me some time how you did this piece =D

yanimator said...

Thanks Ed! I should hold a lesson sometime for my friends. I do enjoy teaching quite a bit.

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