Monday, October 29, 2007

Environment of the Week #48

Another blast from the past! Well this piece marked a turning point for me and it's when I finally decided to get back into painting and drawing. I've been churning up art pieces nonstop since then.

Long story short, I almost ended up going into the 3D industry after I graduated, but at the same time I was torn at the fact that it would mean giving up my dream of digital painting. So I took a stab at getting back into swing of things and doing my own art and I've been enjoying every minute of it since then. I've learned a lot since this little piece. It's hard to believe this was done less than a year ago!

The topic that week was "The Library of the Lost Sea Scrolls". This isn't exactly a library so I didn't exactly play by the rules. Ha! ;P

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Environment of the Week #50

So after much persuasion, I've decided to give the world of blogging a try! I've actually only recently picked up on this whole RSS feed concept thanks to Jinny (who I'm currently training), and it's amazing! I guess you can say I've been living in the stone ages all this time ;P

So as an introductory post, here's a quick concept piece done for the forum weekly activities. This was Environment of the Week (EOW) #50, and the theme being "The Architect's House". If you haven't been to, check it out! There's such an amazing pool of talents over at that forum and if you're ever looking for some quick inspiration, that's definitely the place to be.

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